About Us

Twenty five years in a competitive and growing market has impressed upon CEO Patrick Wright that The Wright Limousine Service Inc. has the “Wright Stuff” to set his company apart from the rest.

What makes The Wright Limousine Service unique is our variety and selection of cars. Our new and beautifully maintained fleet is second to none and is what you would expect in major cities. The Wright Limousine Service Inc. caters to all aspects of the market, but we still believe it’s the wide range of vehicles that we offer our customers that keeps us “Wright” on top.

The Wright Limousine Service fleet is made up of the top of the line vehicles, from classic limousines to more elaborate and luxurious cars. The fleet also consists of Stretch Limousines, Mega Stretches and SUV Stretches.

About the Wright Limousine Service
Variety has meant that The Wright Limousine Service Inc. can provide a wonderful experience for a diverse clientele meeting their individual demands and expectations. The experience begins with a quick consultation with the Wright staff to help customers determine which vehicle best suits their needs and that of the event. Our professional drivers wear black tie business apparel and are specifically selected to match their clients and the nature of the event. Our chauffeurs hold licenses throughout the region and undergo in-house training. We strive to be extremely competitive and offer tremendous value to a wide range of customers. It is a very cost effective way to transport your group in a safe and fun environment. Regardless of the size of your group or the purpose of your trip, The Wright Limousine Service has an amenity laden vehicle to serve your needs. It’s our service for which we have become known for. We are passionate about what we do. "You Can’t Go Wrong With Wright."